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The attorneys at Schuetze & McGaha, P.C. have extensive experience in handling personal injury matters. Unlike many other personal injury firms, Schuetze & McGaha, P.C. has worked for several years in the insurance defense industry and has used this experience to the benefit of our personal injury clientele. We have significant trial experience representing insurance companies and corporations in very large personal injury cases. We understand what the crucial issues in a personal injury case are, know how the insurance companies are going to approach you and your demand for compensation, and this helps us obtain the best possible results for our clients.

In other words, by hiring us, you are getting the same quality and experience as the insurance companies get from their own “front line” trial attorneys.  The legal process is complex and loaded with language all its own.  It is important for you to work with lawyers who will explain all of your options in terms you can understand.  We want you to be informed enough to help make decisions.  We provide guidance and recommendations, but ultimately, you have the final say in the outcome you want for your case.

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